Amazing Job!!

Once again, the Wasco crew did an amazing job!!!!!  The sod blends perfectly!  The Gingerbread maple looks great and the landscaped area along the neighbors "prison" fence is perfect!  Thank you for all your help and guidance.

Beautiful Landscaping Job!

Thank you so much for the beautiful landscaping job.  I just love it!   You were so nice to work  and the men who did the work were wonderful.  Now I just hope summer is here to stay!

I love this first stage!

Hi Meagan, I just wanted you to know that the crew came Thursday, right on time, and did a beautiful job. I love this first stage and can't wait to continue the plan.


Meagan, You are a beautiful person! I see why your talented like's you spilling over into your work! Kennedy is ecstatic as I am...this may be one the most beautiful gifts we've received! Also thank you for spending all the time with me today and for explaining how to take care of these plants! I'm so BLESSED by you and Dave too! Amazing!

Landscaping GENUIS!

Meagan....we just got our the majority of our landscaping done....and all I can say is Oh. My. Gosh. It is so beautiful!!! You are a landscaping GENIUS!!! Everything looks AWESOME! We are blown away. You are just so talented, and I wanted to tell you that. :-) GREAT JOB! The guys did a great job too. We just can't believe how good it looks. lol. Thank you!

Love the new landscaping!

Meagan, we just wanted to let you know how much we love the new landscaping.  I don’t know if you ever walk the projects when they are finished but the private patio area came out absolutely perfect.  Again, we love how everything has turned out and if you want to see the finished results you are more than welcome to stop by.

THANK YOU again!!!!

Just wanted to say "thank you" for replacing the rose bush!  The new one that they put in looks like the dead one should have.......LOL.  The other ones look awesome!!  As well as the hydrangeas!  I am going to take a picture this weekend of them and send it to you.........I am sooooo glad that we held off replacing them because they are GORGEOUS!!!  :) Thank you again for everything!  We will "for sure" look you up if we need some more landscaping done!  We had a homeowner (who is building two doors down from us) catch me outside the other day and walked around our house and asked who did our landscaping and we told them Wasco Nursery!  They said they are going to look you up when they get in the house in the spring!  :) :) Have a good day and THANK YOU again!!!!

Thank You!!

WOW, the front is amazing. I can’t wait until the spring to fill in the rest and get started on the back. Thank you!!

We Love Our New Tree!

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you that we love our new tree!  What a great job your guys did both with the stump grinding and the planting of the tree.  They were very professional, accommodating, and thorough from beginning to end and we couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you for navigating this process to a seamless conclusion!

You did a great job!!!!

This is my view at the moment... we LOVE the new landscaping !! We had the furniture configuration facing differently but I wanted my view to be your beautiful landscape plan :) Love it! Thx for replacing hemlock too... You did a great job!!!!

Your expertise is amazing.

Meagan - Thank you so much for stopping by on Monday!  Your tips are always so useful.  I have already pruned the roses, lamb’s ear, and hydrangeas! Thank you again Meagan.  It is always a pleasure to talk with you.  Your expertise is amazing.