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Why Plant in the Fall?
  • Cooler air temperatures mean much less stress on the plant and more energy for root establishment.

  • Ground temperatures cool much slower than air temperatures in the Fall allowing for a long season of root establishment (Roots will grow as long as soil temperatures stay above 40 degrees F., which is typically late November)

  • Ground temperatures take a long time to warm in spring meaning root growth and establishment takes far longer in spring than Fall

  • Natural moisture is more available in Fall for plants allowing for easier establishment in the landscape and less need for customers to apply water in most Fall seasons.

  • Fall planting and establishment in the landscape allows plants to grow with far less stress the following spring.

  • Starting in September, trees can be chosen by you and harvested from our growing fields in October & November. The trees can be replanted almost immediately thereby eliminating most of the stress caused by sitting above ground for an extended period of time.

  • Fall offers a greater selection - You can choose from over 5,000 trees we have growing in our fields.

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